Custom Design Specialist. You name it, I make it.

I am a full time artist, Mother to 4 amazing kids, and my husband is a full time Dad! Ever wondered what an artist does all day? Check out my blog to see a Day in the Life of a professional jewellery artist (Me :).

I work from my home studio in the small town of Harriston, Ontario, Canada. I have my Masters in Silversmithing and jewellery design from the UK, and my work has been sold and exhibited all over the world, including Schmuck and Talente in Europe and featured in numerous Lark Books. I use the ancient art of lost wax casting, as well as 3D printing, and CAD technology. I specialize in custom wedding and engagement rings and work diamonds and gemstones set in sterling silver, white, yellow, rose gold and platinum.

I fell in love with jewellery through my Grandmother. I loved trying on her jewellery and listening to her stories of which trip she got them on, and what special event they signified, birthdays, anniversaries, births and deaths. Every piece was a gift from my Grandfather, who got great pleasure from showing his love by giving her jewellery. As a professional jeweller I have a passion for connecting people through jewellery, telling their stories, and marking the passage of time with tokens of love. 

I love hand crafting art for those who love jewelry.

Contact me anytime to have your own custom jewellery hand crafted.

Rickson Jewelry

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